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Applied Physics
green Medival Weaponry
bracketAttachment: Medieval Arms Race
bracketAttachment: The Battering Ram
bracketAttachment: The Trebuchet
bracketAttachment: Trebuchet Data

green Slow the Flow
bracketAttachment: Images

Engineering Design Process
green My Robot Can Do That!
bracketAttachment: Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Rubric

Error Analysis
green Error Analysis
bracketAttachment: Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Error Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Assessment
green Error Analysis
bracketAttachment: Stories
bracketAttachment: Accident Reports
bracketAttachment: Process
bracketAttachment: Commander Sheet
bracketAttachment: Process
bracketAttachment: Scenarios

Intellectual Property

Invention vs. Innovation

Lab Safety

Laser Engravers

green That's a Robot
bracketAttachment: Presentation
bracketAttachment: Rubric

Safety (PPE)

Scale Drawings

Shop Safety
green Sound Safety?
bracketAttachment: Manual

Simple Machines

Technological Systems

I (Instruction) Components for Lessons

Engineering I's