SPIRIT 2.0 Education - Video Clips & Photos

Robot Art by Dan Wondra
This SPIRIT Robotics Artwork featuring the CEENBoT is free for Teachers to Use in their Classroom Lessons.
Adding & Subtracting Integers
"Adding & Subtracting Integers"
CEENBoT Stories
"CEENBoT Stories"
Robot Ramps
"Robot Ramps"
Robot Takes a Dive
"Robot Takes a Dive"
Rollercoaster Robot
"Rollercoaster Robot"
Robot SPIRIT Award
"Robot SPIRIT Award"
Robot Circles
"Robot Circles"
Robot Drag Race
"Robot Drag Race"
Robot Gunslinger
"Robot Gunslinger"
Robot Measurement
"Robot Measurement"
Robots & Triangles
"Robots & Triangles"
Robot Track Meet
"Robot Track Meet"
Robot with Laser
"Robot with Laser"
Robot Zig Zag
"Robot Zig Zag"
Growing Circles
"Growing Circles"
How Are We Related
"How Are We Related"
Power Steering Is Out
"Power Steering Is Out"
Revolution Circumvolution
"Revolution Circumvolution"
Robo Pull
"Robo Pull"
Robot Cartography
"Robot Cartography"
What In The World Is X-3?
"What In The World Is X-3?"
Robots are Amazing
"Robots are Amazing"
Trig Is SOH Easy
"Trig Is SOH Easy"
Where Am I Located?
"Where Am I Located?"
The Great Race
"The Great Race"
He Came Out Of Nowhere
"He Came Out Of Nowhere"
Correlate This
"Correlate This"
Proportions ab=cd
"Proportions ab=cd"
Robo Ruler
"Robo Ruler"
Am I Straight?
"Am I Straight?"
How Far Am I Travelling?
"How Far Am I Travelling?"
Its A Drag
"Its A Drag"
Meter Marker Mania
"Meter Marker Mania"
Numbers Numbers Everywhere
"Numbers Numbers Everywhere"
Remote Possibilitie
"Remote Possibilities"
Robot Track Meet
"Robot Track Meet"
Need For Speed
"Need For Speed"
Off Roading Under Curve
"Off Roading Under Curve"
Shortest Line Mystery
"Shortest Line Mystery"
Robot Ratios
"Robot Ratios"
Faster Speed, Shorter Time
"Faster Speed, Shorter Time"
CEENBoT Pictionary
"CEENBoT Pictionary"
CEENBoT Putt Putt
"CEENBoT Putt Putt"
Journey to Center of Cell
"Journey to Center of Cell"
Robot Area
"Robot Area"
Speedy Area
"Speedy Area"
UPS Experiment
"UPS Experiment"
Don't Lose Your Load
"Don't Lose Your Load"
Is There Room?
"Is There Room?"
Playing with Electronics
"Playing with Electronics"
Tricky Traps
"Tricky Traps"
What's Your Shoe Size?
"What's Your Shoe Size?"
A CEENic Galaxy Quest
"A CEENic Galaxy Quest"
Map Making 1
"Map Making 1"
Map Making 2
"Map Making 2"
Milky Way Way Out
"Milky Way Way Out"
Why Data
"Why Data"
Circling Around The CEENBoT Way
"Circling Around The CEENBoT Way"
Friction This
"Friction This"
Function Junction
"Function Junction"
You Drive Me Crazy
"You Drive Me Crazy"
A Sputtering Image Heredity
"A Sputtering Image Heredity"
CEEN Power
"CEEN Power"
Energy and Energy Conversions
"Energy and Energy Conversions"
Incredible Bread Chip Circuit
"Incredible Bread Chip Circuit"
The Addiction With Friction
"The Addiction With Friction"
What's the Rub - It's All About Friction
"What's the Rub - It's All About Friction"
Friction Fanatics
"Friction Fanatics"
Infrared Remote Controller
"Infrared Remote Controller"
The Energy That Keeps Us Moving
"The Energy That Keeps Us Moving"
You're Related To Me
"You're Related To Me"
You're Tugging At Me
"You're Tugging At Me"
CEENBoT Soccer
"CEENBoT Soccer"
How Far From Here To There?
"How Far From Here To There?"
It's Alive! Or Is it?
"It's Alive! Or Is it?"
Profess The Compress
"Profess The Compress"
Pulling With A CEENBoT
"Pulling With A CEENBoT"
Cell Me What?
"Cell Me What?"
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
"Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree"
Newton's 2nd Law Of Motion
"Newton's 2nd Law Of Motion"
No Flaw With Newton's First Law
"No Flaw With Newton's First Law"
Plane Mirrors
"Plane Mirrors"
Power Up Your Breadboard
"Power Up Your Breadboard"
Robot Rounding
"Robot Rounding"
Scale Drawings
"Scale Drawings"
Seasonable CEENBoT Astronomy
"Seasonable CEENBoT Astronomy"
Secondary Robot
"Secondary Robot"
Stop Pulling My Bot Around
"Stop Pulling My Bot Around"
The Raw Of Newton's Third Law
"The Raw Of Newton's Third Law"
What Does Time Have To Do With It?
"What Does Time Have To Do With It?"
Converging Earthquake
"Converging Earthquake"
Dude, Who Hit My Car?
"Dude, Who Hit My Car?"
Method Madness
"Method Madness"
Normal Dip Slip Earthquake
"Normal Dip Slip Earthquake"
Plate Tectonics
"Plate Tectonics"
Power To The Robots!
"Power To The Robots!"
Striking Earthquake
"Striking Earthquake"
The Wheels On The Bot Go Round and Round - Part 1
"The Wheels On The Bot Go Round and Round - Part 1"
Bot Bowling
"Bot Bowling"
Planetary Terrain
"Planetary Terrain"
Resistors and Scientific Notation
"Resistors and Scientific Notation"
Robotic Muscles
"Robotic Muscles"
Robot Waves
"Robot Waves"
The Pork With Torque
"The Pork With Torque"
The Wheels On The Bot Go Round and Round - Part 2
"The Wheels On The Bot Go Round and Round - Part 2"
Voltage Vantage
"Voltage Vantage"
Binary Bot
"Binary Bot"
Can We Draw It? Yes We Can
"Can We Draw It? Yes We Can"
Computer Programming
"Computer Programming"
Computer Programming 2
"Computer Programming 2"
Getting Across The River
"Getting Across The River"
Obnoxious Obstacles
"Obnoxious Obstacles"
Programmable Robot Lesson
"Programmable Robot Lesson"
Through The Looking Glass
"Through The Looking Glass"
CEENBoT Needs a New Job
"CEENBoT Needs a New Job"
Circuitly Speaking
"Circuitly Speaking"
How Am I the Same or Different
"How Am I the Same or Different"
Medieval Weaponry
"Medieval Weaponry"
The Missing Link
"The Missing Link"
The Robot Shuffle
"The Robot Shuffle"
The Tortoise and the CEENBoT
"The Tortoise and the CEENBoT"
Two Blind Bots
"Two Blind Bots"
Design Teams
"Design Teams"
My Robot Can Do That
"My Robot Can Do That"
Pop Goes the CEENBoT
"Pop Goes the CEENBoT"
Robotic Programming
"Robotic Programming"
Structural Design
"Structural Design"
Traction Control
"Traction Control"
Wow, That's High Tech!
"Wow, That's High Tech!"
The Three Little Pigs
"The Three Little Pigs"
Error Analysis
"Error Analysis"
Product Disassembly
"Product Disassembly"
Rube Goldberg Challenge
"Rube Goldberg Challenge"
Slow the Flow
"Slow the Flow"
That's a Robot
"That's a Robot"
The Greatest Invention of All Time
"The Greatest Invention of All Time"
Robotic Color
"Robotic Color"
Robotic Perspective Drawing
"Robotic Perspective Drawing"
Robotic Typography
"Robotic Typography"
Travel Scalar or Travector
"Travel Scalar or Travector"
Vanishing or Transforming Act of Energy
"Vanishing or Transforming Act of Energy"
Viva Le Resistance
"Viva Le Resistance"