University Program

Title: Vertical Integration of the TekBot Learning Platform into Computer and Electronics Engineering Programs

Funding organization: NSF
Program: CCLI A&I
Award number: #0511639
Award amount: $160k

Abstract: This project is adapting and augmenting the TekBot mobile robot platform developed at Oregon State University in a vertically integrated fashion, using problem-based learning as a foundational strategy throughout the computer engineering and electronics engineering curriculum. The project objectives are to: 1) adapt and implement TekBot course materials around various course sequences in their curriculum; 2) adapt and implement problem-based learning strategies that complement and augment the TekBot course materials; 3) develop and implement an ongoing assessment methodology and tools to determine the effectiveness of the TekBot diffusion and impact on student learning; 4) disseminate the materials, practices, and results of the project, and (5) continue these new educational reforms beyond the scope of the project. In this curriculum model, students are actively engaged in the learning process through problem-solving scenarios that allow them to more deeply participate in their own learning. As a result, the anticipated outcomes include increased student success on selected course assignments and course grades, reduced course withdrawal and failure rates, and increased positive student perceptions of the curriculum and commitment to the program. An ongoing and collaborative partnership with Oregon State University will lead to continuing program improvements at both institutions. The TekBot learning modules and laboratory experiments developed in this project are being indexed on the project website with linkages freely available to other ECE departments. The investigators are planning on showcasing the TekBot technologies in summer institutes for high school mathematics and science teachers and students that target underrepresented women and minority students as well as students from rural areas. They also areplanning to disseminate their TekBot learning platform via workshops at engineering education and department head conferences and through journal and conference papers.

Big Red Roadshow TekBot / MonsterBot Demonstration

Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement - Adaptation and Implementation samples from UNL Computer & Electronics Engineering: