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Interactive Database Prototype

Completed Lessons

green Panning for Gold
bracketAttachment: Installing R
bracketAttachment: tm Package
bracketAttachment: twitteR Package
bracketAttachment: Python Sets
green Applied Physics Integration
bracketAttachment: Notebook
bracketAttachment: Algodoo Exploration
bracketAttachment: Friction Experiment
bracketAttachment: Notebook

Browser Security

green Robotic Color Study
bracketAttachment: Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Answers

green Cruising
bracketAttachment: Directions
green Follow Me!
bracketAttachment: Assessment
green STEM Vocabulary
bracketAttachment: Terms
green World Cultures
bracketAttachment: Rubric
bracketAttachment: Self Assessment

Computer Programming
green Scratching the Surface
bracketAttachment: Directions
bracketAttachment: Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Test


Critical Thinking

Data Analysis
green Becoming a Data Scientist
bracketAttachment: Storm Visual
bracketAttachment: Visualizations
bracketAttachment: O Zip Archive
bracketAttachment: U Zip Archive
green Just In Time
bracketAttachment: Inventory Sheet
bracketAttachment: Sample Results

Data Compression
green Putting the Squeeze on Data
bracketAttachment: Lossy Text
bracketAttachment: GIF Key
bracketAttachment: GIF Student
bracketAttachment: LZ Class Example
bracketAttachment: Compression Notes
bracketAttachment: Sample Programs

Database Concepts


Graph Theory
green Graph Theory Drama
bracketAttachment: Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Drama Worksheet

Image Processing

Information Literacy
green History of Electricity
bracketAttachment: PowerPoint
bracketAttachment: Quiz


green Teamwork
bracketAttachment: Activity

Metallic Art

Perspective Drawing

Positional Number Systems

Problem Solving
green Digging Down
bracketAttachment: Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Worksheet Answer
bracketAttachment: General Ledger
bracketAttachment: Student Worksheet
bracketAttachment: Worksheet Solution
green Packing for Profit
bracketAttachment: Container
bracketAttachment: Goods
bracketAttachment: Solution

Program Testing
green Does It Work?
bracketAttachment: Two Programs
bracketAttachment: Rounding
green Using Junit
bracketAttachment: Pirate Class
bracketAttachment: Pirate Test
bracketAttachment: Bank Account
bracketAttachment: Bowling Game
bracketAttachment: Counter

Scientific Inquiry

Soft Skills
green Fresh Is The Best!
bracketAttachment: Project Guidelines
bracketAttachment: Project Reflection
bracketAttachment: Rubric
green Time Flies!
bracketAttachment: Big Rocks

Software Testing


Team Building

Technical Writing
green Writing Right
bracketAttachment: Activity

Typography Art

I (Instruction) Components for Lessons

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