SPIRIT 2.0 Education - Important Links

Important Links

  • NASA - Calculator-Controlled Robots: Hands-on Mathematics and Science Discovery Educator Guide - NASA Graphing Calculator Robot Lessons

  • Robots on IEEE Spectrum

  • Build a Robot Flash Game - At this website, elementary and middle schools students can create a robot out of cartoon parts and animate it.

  • Sodaplay - At this website, students can build and animate robotic stick figures.

  • Interactive STEM/Physics Simulations - This website includes numerous high quality simulations for STEM topics, and particular physics connections. There are some nice connections to robotics.

  • Wire Skeleton Robot - At this website, students can animate a robot shaped like a human body.

  • Pocketmod - This is an interactive resource website, in which many features have been used as a model for the SPIRIT lesson website.

  • Scratch Programming - This is a website in which students can do some simple and interesting programming activities.

  • Library of Virtual Manipulatives - This is a great NSF website, that has lots of online manipulatives, with nice STEM connections to various grade topics including some robotics related ones.

  • Mathematics Homework Help - This is website developed by the Discovery Channel for helping with mathematics homework. It provides a nice supplement to SPIRIT mathematics lessons.

  • Are You Going To Finish Strong? - This link gives a short video clip from Nick Vujicic, who has no limbs and talks about finishing strong when things are difficult, and is a nice clip to show before difficult STEM lesson.

  • Partnership for 21st Century Skills - This site has a variety of resources and mapping documents for 21st Century Literacy Skills. Including skills maps related to Mathematics and Science.

  • ThinkQuest Robotics - This website is an introduction to robotics resource developed by the ThinkQuest organization. It has some nice activities for elementary and middle school children, as well as some nice background information on robotics.

  • NASA Space Place for Kids - This NASA website has some excellent hands-on STEM activities for kids, including some on robotics.

  • Mechatronics Education Center - This website provides some nice resources and discussions of "Mechatronics" which is closely linked to robotics and manufacturing.