2010.06.17 - Workshop for Lincoln Northeast Teachers

Having Fun Building the CEENBoT and Integrating It Into Curriculum

Mr. Dennis Deyen and Dr. Bob Goeman
During the all-day workshop, Dennis Deyen (left) explained the engineering and building portion of the CEENBoT robot to be completed in the laboratory. Bob Goeman, PhD (right) from the UNO College of Education described how teachers could integrate the CEENBoT into classroom curriculum via a cyberinfrastructure mechanism developed by the College of Education.
Lincoln Northeast workshop group
Attendees from Lincoln Northeast listen to presentations on engineering and education curriculum development from the University of Nebraska.
Building the CEENBoT
A Lincoln Northeast teacher lays out electronic parts while building her CEENBoT in the laboratory.
Building the CEENBoT
A Lincoln Northeast teacher builds his CEENBoT in the laboratory.