SPIRIT Education Activities

map Reports and Work Plans Field Observations and Data Summaries of Curriculum Building Blocks Assessment and Instruments Video Clips and Testimonial Algebra Blocks Draft SPIRIT Lessons 2008


Testimonial and Video Clips Content

Name Description File
Bob's 'spoked wheel' Is it possible for a wheel to go forward and backward at the same time? Find out in this video. Download
Ramp by Janelle Watch a TekBot go up a sand paper covered ramp and then see the surprising solution on how it gets up the same ramp moments later. Download
Tim's Maze Watch how Tim guides his TekBot through a masking tape maze of his own creation. Download
Eileen and the Meter How do you test voltage using a voltmeter? Watch Eileen do it and learn from her. Download
Circuits from Elliott Dr. Elliot Ostler showed how to create a circuit using popsicle sticks. Watch here as the participants practice it for themselves. Download
Teresa and a VOM Each participant presented a lesson on the last day of the seminar. Here, Teresa talks to the class about hers. Download
Aim For The Stars! During the Aim for the Stars camp, students constructed their own TekBots and then had a friendly competition over whose was the best. See the results here. Download