SPIRIT Education Activities

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Assessment Summaries Content

Name Description
SPIRIT Teacher Participant Questionnaire (start) This survey is given to participants on the first day to fill out and is used to help plan activities for the remainder of the seminar.
SPIRIT Teacher Participant Questionnaire (end) This survey is given at the end of the seminar and measures how the participants have changed from the beginning to the end.
SPIRIT Participant Initial Contact Sheet This is the contact sheet used to collect important information about the participants.
SPIRIT Professional Development Observation Protocol This instrument is used by people observing the TekBot sessions.
SPIRIT Daily Feedback Form This is a feedback form given at the end of the day to the participants to let the coordinators know how they are doing.
SPIRIT Liability Release This is a liability form that clears the workshop of any wrongdoing in the case of injury or theft.
SPIRIT Building Blocks Template This is the template used by participants to help create their lessons for the workshop.
Classroom Observation Instrument for SPIRIT Project This is the instrument used by observers going to classrooms to see how the TekBot is being used.
SPIRIT Participant Referral Form 2006 This is a recommendation list given to participants to give to others they think would be good candidates for future workshops.
SPIRIT Building Blocks Brainstorming Form 2006 This is a sheet given out during the workshop to encourage participants to brainstorm with others about possible lessons involving the TekBots.
SPIRIT Saturday Workshop Feedback Survey This is an information sheet to catch up with the participants and see how they are doing with their TekBots and also to gather feedback about their uses of the TekBot so far.
TekBot Technical Development Survey This survey is conducted to see what additional programming or electronics skills the participants may also have.
University of Nebraska Photography/Video Consent Form This is a consent form to allow UNO film crews to videotape participants in the workshop.
SPIRIT Student TekBot Investigation Form This sheet is given to the participant’s students to see what they have learned from using the TekBot in the classroom.