New or modified Building Blocks for the SPIRIT Project

  1. Comparing the Human Nervous System with a TekBot (Pam Galus)
  2. Finding velocity with timers and GPS (Karen Smolinski)
  3. Making measurements and making unit conversions (Eileen Dyer)
  4. A student working with a TekBot (Yvette McCulley and Jack Northrup)
  5. Here is a picture from October 20, 2006, Catholic Voice. I'm using this as a lesson enhancment for the TekBot program. (Michael Concannon)
  6. An Evaluation Page for the TekBot Spreadsheet Block (Julie Puck)
  7. Student-built TekBot (Bob Ernesti)
  8. Natural Selection (Karen Humphrey)
  9. Speed and Tables (Lisa Showalter and Derrick Nero)
  10. Tables and Graphs (Tim Stednitz) (large file ~ 6 MB)