The SPIRIT Project
Educational Robotics
Lesson Building Block
Author: Eileen Dyer
Grade Level: Middle Grades Date: 8/6/0

I Concepts

Measurement, Unit Conversions

II Standards

Middle Grade Math Standards
01, 06 & 10


III Learning Activity Context

Context: Moving TekBot

Abstract: Place a tape measure on the floor. Start stopwatch
once TekBot begins moving forward from start line. Stop TekBot when time
reaches 6 seconds. Write down result.

IV Teacher and Student Suggestions/Tips

Make sure students take their measurements from the same place
on the TekBot (if they start measuring from when the bump sensor crosses the starting line, finish timing at the bump sensor)

V Teacher Questions

Now that we know how far it went in 6 seconds, how do we figure out how many inches per minute the TekBot moved?

How will we convert inches per minute to MHP? Is there more than one way to accomplish this? How many steps do you think it will take?

VI Assessment Ideas

A worksheet could be handed out with space to work out the math. Stress that the students show their work because there might be many different ways to solve the problem. There could be a place at the top for a guess at how many miles per hour the TekBot travels and then they can check to see how close they were to their estimate.