This is a new lesson plan. It is not scripted and is demo and discussion. I will be using this in January (as long as I get the IR controller working.) I will be introducing sound waves this week.

Karen Humphrey

5th and 6th grade Science Teacher, Adams Elementary, Omaha, NE

Review facts about sound waves and how they travel.


Understand sound waves travel differently than light waves.

Understand that light waves travel in a straight line.

Introduced to electro-magnetic spectrum and that there are light waves that humans cannot see.

Introduced to visible light and infrared light.

Materials: radio controlled car and IR controlled TekBot.

Demonstrate how the radio controlled car can be controlled from any place in the room. Discuss how sound waves travel and you cannot hear all sound waves.

Show poster of E-M spectrum. We only see a very small part of the spectrum. We can prove that with an infrared controller. Demonstrate driving the TekBot with the IR controller. How this is different from the RC car. Make a T-chart comparing the TekBot and the RC car.