The SPIRIT Project

Educational Robotics

Lesson Building Block Enhancement - Time and Distance

Author: Eileen Dyer

Grade Level: Middle Grades Date: 12/11/06

I Concepts

Time and Distance

II Standards

Middle Grade Math Standards 01, 06, & 10

III Learning Activity Context

Context: Moving TekBot

Abstract: Place 2 pieces of tape, 1-foot apart. Line up the TekBot at the beginning of the tape and start stopwatch as soon as TekBot begins moving. Stop the time as soon as the front of the TekBot crosses the one foot line. Record the time.

IV Teacher and Student Suggestions/Tips

Explain to students that traveling across linoleum, carpet, Astroturf or grass may yield different results. Ask why? Another project could be to actually take the data recorded this day and compare it to data taken outside on grass.

V Teacher Questions

Ask the students, if the TekBot travels one foot in X seconds, how long would it take to go from one end of a football field to the other end (100 yards).

VI Assessment Ideas

A worksheet could be handed out with space to work out the math. Stress that the students show their work because there are different ways to solve the problem. There could be a place at the top for a guess as to how long it would take the TekBot to travel from one end of the football field to the other.


Some interesting trials....

TekBot Building Block Enhancement

Author: Eileen Dyer

Grade Level: Middle Grades Date: 8/6/06

As I tested my original building block, it became apparent that some changes needed to be made. Originally, the directions were to measure how far the TekBot would travel in 6 seconds and then using math, convert feet per seconds to something the student could relate to, Miles Per Hour. Unfortunately, the answer was so small (.000010909 MPH) that it rendered the assignment fairly useless.

However, maybe the exposure to Scientific notation would be helpful??

Instead, I rewrote the Building Block for Time and Distance concepts. After measuring how long it takes the TekBot to travel 1 foot, the students are to figure out how long it would take the TekBot to travel the distance of a football field.