SPIRIT Education Activities

map Reports and Work Plans Field Observations and Data Summaries of Curriculum Building Blocks Assessment and Instruments Video Clips and Testimonial Algebra Blocks Draft SPIRIT Lessons 2008


Draft SPIRIT Lessons 2008

Name of Lesson Creator Attachments
Function Junction Carrie Nielsen .doc .doc .doc .doc
“Seasonal CEENBoT” Craig Vinopal .doc
One Revolution for Robot, One Circumvolution for Robot kind Colin Boyle .doc
The Amazing Solution Rita Corell .doc
He Came Out of Nowhere!!! James Earnhardt .doc
Journey to the Center of a Cell Greg Schlegel .doc
Robot Waves Robert Lescelisus .doc
How are we related? Neil Hammond .doc
The Power Steering is out! Derrick Nero .doc
Circuitly Speaking Davina Faimon .doc .doc (Outline)
You’re Related to ME? Rachel Benson .doc
Roller Coaster Robot Rachel Neureth .doc
Planetary Terrain Scott Tingelhoff .doc
Don’t sit under the apple tree(you might become famous) Andy Smith .doc
The Great Race CJ Perry .doc
How am I the same or different? Lynn Behounek .doc1 .doc2
An “Eggcident” Jennifer Pitzl .doc
You Drive Me Crazy! Jennifer Pitzl .doc
Cell Me What Jason Rhine .doc
What’s the rub?  It’s all about friction. Mike Perry .doc
Robots are aMAZEing Jimmy Johnson .doc
CEENBoT Takes a Dive Susan DeRoy .doc
The UPS Experiment Lisa Tingelhoff .doc